Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28, 2014 - MAINE

For a couple months now Caleb has been talking about his vision of this dreamy vacation to Maine. Well this weekend we made it all come true. We got back late last night from a wonderful weekend in Maine! We left Thursday afternoon and pitched our tent at a KOA in Saco around midnight. We camped two nights and got back late Saturday night. Maine is beautiful. Only some of the leaves have changed but the ones that have changed are just incredible! We couldn't stop saying "wow" at the bright reds, oranges, and yellows. We enjoyed the beach, fishing, Portland Head Light and Fort Williams park, driving around and admiring the leaves, camping, eating yummy seafood (our favorites were the shrimp roll and clam chowder at Bayley's and the chowder at Chowderhead's). We weren't ever in a rush so we could do things at the kids' pace and it made for such a great time! We stopped in CT and saw the Holbrooks (friends from MBA school) on the way home and it was really fun to chat with them.
Portland Head Light. There was a really fun trail that went all along the water. Lots of history here.

Our little angel! She is such a good baby. She just amazes me! Such a joy.

Caleb caught a dragon fly for bait to catch this bass! He is one resourceful guy. The kids and I had given up on catching anything and had loaded up in the car (Eliza had obviously moved onto playing a game on my phone). Caleb persisted til he caught it! I love his persistence and his passion for the outdoors.

We love getting "comfy cozy" in the tent! I guess I say that, cause now Eliza says it a lot. :)

Enjoyed a beautiful run Saturday morning. I got back and everyone was still sleeping! That's the best. ;)

They searched for "flecks of gold" all morning.
We went to Old Orchard Beach both days. Such a cute beach town. I could definitely live in Maine.
The beach is seriously good for the soul.
When the camping gear takes up so much room that you can't bring the stroller, Dad gets his workout. :) Good Dad.

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