Sunday, October 5, 2014

Zoe's blessing - Sep. 10

Our sweet Zoe was blessed by Caleb on September 10th. It was the first time one of our babies has been blessed without ANY family there. :( But we are grateful for wonderful friends in our ward. My friend Cathy wrote down the main points of the blessing which I was grateful for. When Caleb held Zoe up after her blessing she had her arms across her chest. Everyone was commenting that she was even reverent for her blessing! Little do they know, she just likes to hold her arms like that all the time. :) Caleb mentioned in her blessing that her calm nature had already been a blessing to our family. It's really true. So grateful to have this sweet spirit in our home.


I give up on getting this picture to upload the right way...

We invited all our neighbors. None of them ended up coming, although our neighbor Rae joined us for refreshments later on as well our friends the Stewarts who also blessed their baby that day!

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